Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Disney" Toys Are "Lots Of Fun"

Even though my kid has this preternatural, non-literate ability to recognize the things he wants me to buy for him, the subtleties of this one were lost on him. I suppose my wanting to take a picture of this one might have tipped him off.

You have to be really savvy to catch the fake.

The shop owners were also curious why I was taking pictures of it, like I might be some sort of korsan toy agent. Given today's anti-piracy climate, I suppose it was a fair guess. Either that, or it's just fucking weird to take pictures of hilarious things that I can't explain in Turkish why I think they're so hilarious. Also, since the poor kid has been to the dentist 3 times in the last 2 weeks (an ongoing issue with temporary fillings and treatments my spoiled foreign brain can't grasp, especially when they're applied to my 4 year old without Novocaine), the toy store guys probably think he's the most spoiled brat on earth, and I'm the shit mommy that's doing it to him.

It doesn't tell you how to fish. I checked. It may still be a good friend though.
As though I don't feel like a shit enough mommy because of the teeth thing.
In the end, I talked him into getting this toy. It's not just because of the cool Chinglish. It's because I'll be damned if I spend any of the money I earned in the trenches on even yet still more Bakugan crap, which requires dealing with by me all the time and then breaks within a few days. Let his dad buy him that shit. 
There's Chinese garbage and there's Chinese garbage, and I prefer the garbage that's cheap, money-wise. Even better if it's funny.

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