Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Very Bad Bug

Okay, so I've shared my feelings on bugs I have issues with. Included in the list were dead bugs, black shiny bugs, bugs with creepy legs, and bugs larger than a lentil. That being said, I felt I ought to post my open letter to Mother Nature, following a bug sighting the other day. I was too scared of it to hold my thumb up next to it and give you a sense of scale, but it was about the size of my thumb.

The swarm of ants doesn't show up in the photo as much as I'd like, but LE found the whole thing both thrilling and terrifying, which I think is a nice feeling to have in certain situations.

I definitely didn't kill it. It must have made a crunching sound.
Dear Mother Nature,

I'm normally not someone who wishes ill on your creations (except the really awful ones, like flesh-eating bacteria and those parasitic fish that swim up your pee), but seriously, were the pincers necessary? Would this bug not have been terrifying enough to any living creature, both within and outside of its weight class, even without the pincers?

And the fact that its wings look perfectly usable, well, I can't get over the feeling that you're totally fucking with us sometimes.

With sincere apologies about the enormous American carbon footprint-- I really didn't know until it was too late!



Jack Scott said...

We have bugs. Big bugs, little bugs, funny bugs, terrifying bugs, Hey, it's Turkey. I can cope with most of 'em but I can't deal with cockroaches. They are the stuff of my nightmares. Yuk!

Stranger said...

Then I hope this roach-ish beetle with wings and pincers doesn't haunt you sleep for too long...