Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrilling Developments

Whenever I come back from the US, I'm always shocked when my plants didn't die. Especially this time, since I wasn't entirely confident BE would bother to water, let alone follow the nit-picky instructions I left on each plant.

Remember those African violet leaves I stuck in dirt a couple of months ago? Check them out!

Hooray! I can't believe it worked!

This other plant is something I just thought was some sort of border grass, and I only bought it to fill out an ivy pot. I re-potted it when the ivy decided it didn't want a roommate anymore. But look!
After 3 years, it suddenly has tiny little flowers!
This other plant is getting massive and it keeps sprouting these weird little alien babies that turn into new plants. It also sends leaves off to the sides. When I get around to it, I'm going to have to figure out how to cut off the babies and replant them.


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vicky bursa said...

you're so lucky re the plants. after such a crap spring i delayed planting my parsley, basil and mint but was delighted when they were growing nicely just before i left for the uk for 10 days. even though my husband spends every evening on the balcony he failed to see that they were dying. only the hardy basil has survived this. my fault - i failed to leave specific instructions like, err, water the plants.