Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kid X-Ray

LE has had 3 x-rays in his life. The first, taken after he stood up in a chair backwards and fell over headwise into the cupboard with an unpleasantly cracky thumping sound, was my favorite because you could see his not-yet-grown-in teeth lurking under his gums.

Also baby skulls are bulbous and funny.

The second was after a mishap involving a gazebo and a nose-high marble shelf that was exactly foreshortened to invisibility from LE's height at the time. I don't know where that x-ray is, but I feel like we should have kept it. It was the most expensive x-ray ever, taken at the ill-advised, shiny hotel-like Medicana hospital because I didn't yet know about the great deals over at Medi-Life.

I couldn't figure out how to get a good photo of LE's first head x-ray. Fortunately, his dentist has some super-cool dentist software that allows him to take digital, email-able jpg x-rays. I know all about the software because I got the dentist to talk about it once, instead of forcing him to make open-mouth conversation about Turkey with me.

My tiny, MS Paint ode to Allie Brosh, who hasn't posted in ages. Come back, Allie! I've been reading old posts just to make my face hurt and my eyes water painfully with laugh tears! I promise to buy your book if you'll just come back! I'll buy more than one! I'll come to Bend so you can sign all of them! I won't make fun of your dog! Maybe a little!
Naturally, I was thrilled with the x-rays. After the dentist had pointed out the cavities and I had cringed with shame for about a second, I wanted to know all about the other teeth, to which the dentist was cheerfully obliging because he's the kind of dentist who genuinely loves his work and can't hide his pleasure when others express an interest. That's the other reason I know so much about the software, whose development process I can't help wondering about. There's an entire industry that's a mystery to me-- medical tools and technology. I'll bet there are conferences and brochures involved, too.

Anyway, those are indeed his Big Boy Teeth forming under there. And I had NO FREAKING IDEA there was such a thing as 6-year molars or 12-year molars, but check them out, there they are!

Most of the time it seems like I manage to learn something every day. But some things I learn are astoundingly way fucking cooler than other things, even if I come by them in a really bad way.

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