Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Fine

In response to Rebecca's comment, we're all fine. Our house is up on a hill. BE tried to go to work and couldn't, but then he couldn't get back either so he just had a fun Man Day somewhere in between. Men here sure enjoy each other's company an awful lot. Anyway.

The worst thing that happened was a one hour power cut yesterday, shorter than the last power cut we had, which lasted all day. So Flood & Disaster= 1 hour power cut. Non-Flood & No Discernible Reason= 8 hours off and on but mostly off power cut.

This is sounding awfully smug and I don't mean it to be. Here I was getting all pissed off the other day about the crappy building in our house. Now a whole bunch of people have died because of crappy building, so the fact that our curtains fell down hardly seems to matter.