Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Trip To The Pazar: Short Film By LE

I've already gotten a notice from YouTube that MÜYAP owns the music, so this little achievement of mine may be short-lived.


Please don't sue me.



Can Ipekli said...

Loved it! Would have been in it if i were there;)

Nomad said...

Given the fact that you constantly see famous composers putting their names on other people's works in this country, the idea that somebody would make a fuss about the use of that song as background for a completely new creative effort that is not aimed at making a profit is to me beyond nonsense.
By the way, did you know that it is technically illegal to publish lyrics of songs as well? And last year, (if I understood the situation correctly) there was a minor controversy in Spain where hair salon were having to pay a fee for using music in their workplace because of copyright violations.

What next- a fine for whistling?

Still, the very same technology that gives you an equal voice on the net can offer a solution as well.

In a small film I made a year or so ago, I used a free online program called musicshake to come up with a pleasant little song. Nothing extraordinary but satisfactory. If you have chrome you can install it using the Apps store. Recording your creations takes a bit more ingenuity (wink).

Stranger said...

I think it's incredible that MÜYAP, and presumably other producers, seem to have some sort of digital flag in their tracks that You Tube picks up. I didn't even really want to put this on You Tube, but it seems to be the easiest (or only?) way to get a video onto Blogger. Even photos automatically go to Picassa first, an account I didn't knew I had until I had to do some fiddling during the blogger ban...

And yeah, the stupidity and increasingly Draconian annoyance of copyright and the Internet never fails to amaze me. I even paid the 99 cents for the damn song!

Bulent Murtezaoglu said...


What next- a fine for whistling?

You may already know this, but let me point out that something like that has been proposed and partially implemented:

He required every student entering one of his courses to sign a contract agreeing not to divulge any of the course ideas without permission from Galambos — and not even to use the ideas, in business or elsewhere, without permission. In effect, the course tuition bought you the right to become aware of the ideas, but not to use them or even to talk about them to outsiders.

This led to the humorous situation in which a graduate would rave about the course and insist that you take it — but when you asked him for examples of what was good, he would say, "Sorry, I can't tell you."

Stranger, funnily enough MUYAP is (or used to be) headed by a communist. I don't mean this as a slur, I am talking about an actual member of Dev-Yol. These people would tell everyone who'd listen (and many who didn't want to) about how evil property rights etc. are. I owe our far left a debt of gratitude for enabling me to refer to a quote by Marx as I point and laugh at one of their number. History is indeed repeating itself. The first time it was a tragedy because our communists got hit rather brutally by the coup they were instrumental in triggering they chased rather senseless things which they themselves didn't quite understand. The second time it is a farce, as many have turned into chasers of money as advertising men or glorious protectors of intellectual property. It is still senseless, IMHO, but in a farcical way.

Aunt Sis said...

I can't believe a four year-old made this. It's incredible! Good job, Ender!