Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plug! Plug Me! I Plug Myself

Give it to me, baby!
I tried to write a real post before plugging myself, and I failed.

Oh, I can plug myself just fine, thank you very much, though I admit it's a little embarrassing. But the post I was working on needs more work than my sleepy brain can deal with. There's no way I can finish plugging myself properly.

Hehe. Yeah, I get it.

Just be a doll and *like* me, or *tweet* me, or *re-tweet* me.

If that sounds too dirty, and I think it kind of does, comment over at Expats Blog. Click the hypertext to make me feel cool.

My story didn't do it for them, but they might at least hook me up with a different color badge if enough people stroke my ego for me.

Which would be super cool. And I love getting comments and shit because my ego is really extremely fragile. Believe me.

Just do it. Please?

I want to punch myself in the neck right now. It's okay if you do, too. That's another thing I get.


Ayak said...

Oh no..I think it's too late for the badges. I found out by email last night that I had the Bronze for Turkey, which was rather a surprise (like you I'd rather have had the 500 dollars).

But don't fret...I love you anyway x

Stranger said...

Hooray!!! Many congratulations, Ayak!