Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Ghost of Christmas Punny Pun Time, Yay!

There will be way more tomorrow.
Some of this tissue has seen 8 Christmases.
Merry Christmas to everyone who gives a shit about Christmas. If you don't, I still love you and wish you a fine day. It's just that our day of laying around in our jammies and watching movies and eating prosciutto will be way better.


BacktoBodrum said...

Hope you had a good Christmas day. Weather was too good here to sit around in pjs.

Stranger said...

It was a lovely Christmas Day. It even included the undertone of melancholy that Christmas will be over soon. I like that in Turkey there is Christmas twice. LE is all antsy and mercurial again because of yılbaşı.

The weather was crap. We weren't snowed in anymore, but it was definitely a good PJs day. We had new PJs, which made it even better. I even paid iTunes for A Christmas Story.

Happy New Year, BtB!