Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Puttin' On The Ritz

When I first saw our local Atatürk statue yesterday, I thought for some reason he was hiding his face in shame. Given AKP's latest shenanigans attempting to insure no one can have any fun at all, ever, it made sense. I don't think they look kindly at puttin' on the ritz, in any way. Yawn. They're so boring.

But it turns out they're just making repairs.

Still, the timing of the covering up makes one wonder. Why did the municipality decide to cloak Atatürk the day before 19 Mayis (Youth and Sports Day), commemorating the day he went to Samsun the start the war and save the world?


Backto Bodrum said...

This picture will lead to endless Facebook conspiracy theories, I'm sure.

Stranger said...

I think it was the red covering that creeped me out the most. It really did seem like some kind of protest, because there were no other signs of work going on...