Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good TV, For Once

Look, I've almost quit watching TV. Okay, I admit I'm watching me some Sherlock Holmes right now, but only because it has Rupert Everett in it. This is pretty much the only decent TV that's been on in weeks. And technically, it's still a police show. Just way hotter because it's all Victorian and shit. But pretty much the only acceptable TV that's been on Digitürk in the last few months has been police shows. And I'm sick to fucking death of police shows. Even LE is sick to fucking death of them. He doesn't even care anymore that they have guns and they shoot people.

He still likes Columbo though. That's my boy! Columbo doesn't seem all that old to me, but it clearly was made back in kinder, gentler days when the TV viewing world was more innocent and gullible. In Columbo, when the murderer decides to move a corpse that's been sitting in his garage for 5 days, and the corpse falls onto his face as he's loading it into the trunk, he doesn't freak out and puke and go "Oh my fucking God holy shit a fucking rotten wet corpse has just fallen on my face!" So maybe that's why LE likes Columbo. It's clear who the good guys and bad guys are, and Columbo may or may not shoot someone at any given time. But he hardly ever does, which makes it extra exciting.

Anyway, one thing I like about Turkey is the completely surprising movies that turn up on TV from time to time. Really, utterly atrocious crap that I absolutely can't turn away from. At 10am, I was treated to none other than 1984's Breakin'.

 A dreadful movie by all accounts, but it was Ice-T's film debut (and my, was he little and skinny), plus there are some pretty talented (and surely forgotten) people in here, most notably "Turbo," whose big moment consisted of a fantastic dance with a broom. Fortunately for breakdancing, it has developed quite a bit since 1984.

As though that weren't enough, Breakin'  was followed by 1983's Valley Girl.

An even more atrocious movie than Breakin', Valley Girl might at least help explain my whole Nicholas Cage thing. Well, that and Peggy Sue Got Married. Oh, and Raising Arizona. Pretty much anything with Nicholas Cage before Hollywood made the mistake of trying to get him to be a cool tough guy.

Nevertheless, I still plan to cancel Digiturk once the contract is up and begin living life TV free. Except for DVDs, of course. I'm not completely insane.


Nomad said...

I gave up on digiturk and moved to D-smart. I got fed up with the exorbitant fees for pretty poor choices. Anyway, honestly, I figured I would be moving from junk to different junk but I was pleasantly surprised. There is a lot more variety and a lot of interesting local stations from around the country. Interesting in a way that all local channels are interesting. One thing that I found quite amusing, the Voice of America channel is permanently muted, but then that may not be such a big negative either.

Stranger said...

Is that where all those local stations have gone? There used to be a lot of those on Digitürk. In fact, there used to be a lot of things on Digitürk before D-Smart.

There are some things I will miss, like Glee and Eastenders, but I won't miss them much since I never watch them anyway-- their times are all wrong. I considered going back to Telekom cable, but now that CNBC is dubbed most of the time, it's not worth it...

Nomad said...

I was like you, I had just about given up of watching TV. There was like only four or five channels I ever watched and that was mostly for the news. The digiturk movie channels totally sucked and I asked myself why on earth I was paying for that garbage. And then came the blogger ban, reportedly instigated by digiturk because of some copyright issue. (Bulent will now appear to debunk this, I suppose)
That, along with constant billing problems, cuts in service, nothing in the way of service, and I found D-smart a better option.
One thing I was needlessly worried about with D-smart was the lack of news variety. That was mainly because their selection wasn't clearly advertised. The news coverage is pretty wide-ranging and gives me lots of information from different points of view. I only wish I had transferred earlier cause now I am sort of out of the habit of watching TV. Maybe that will change with the seasons?
Sounds like an reklam, I know, but this is a typical problem you see here, something gets too successful and then they immediately pluck their goose that lays golden eggs.

Stranger said...

Well, you can keep me posted on Glee and Eastenders. I'm kind of looking forward to no TV. LE watches way more of it than I do, and all it does is make him want stuff, like more Ben 10 watches and Bakugan toys. Bakugan is a brilliant marketing scheme, basically episode-long anime commercials for these crappy plastic toys that open when you throw them on their special magnetic cards. They're meant to be thrown, but they often break when you actually throw them. Of course, they're all "collectible," as in "Collect all 20 of this blah-blah set!!" but each one starts at around 15YTL.

So I think getting rid of TV is a good step around here...

Bulent Murtezaoglu said...


And then came the blogger ban, reportedly instigated by digiturk because of some copyright issue. (Bulent will now appear to debunk this, I suppose)

Nope, this is consistent with what I remember. Somebody was streaming a pay-per-view (or a subscription) sports channel though a blog on blogger.