Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jinx Post: Celebrity Death Triad

I had a spam comment on this post recently, and I got to thinking about superstition.

I think by now you're fairly clear on my religious views and whatever else, but the thing is, there are a few things I'm superstitious about. One of them is the Celebrity Death Triad.

And the reason I bring this up is that given recent circumstances...
... we could be in for a bad Celebrity Death Triad. As in, someone very cool is due to die soon. I base this near-groundless premise on the fact that because Pete Seeger and Philip Seymour Hoffman were for-real talented people, another for-real talented celebrity is due to die next.
And this bums me out.

I see dead people.
If you don't believe me about Celebrity Death Triads, just check the Internet because the Internet knows everything. If that doesn't convince you, check your Facebook feed for the last year or two. You'll find the Celebrity Death Triads once you're looking for them.

Thomas Kincade-Mike Wallace-Dick Clark. What does it mean?

What's worse about the Celebrity Death Triad superstition is knowing that (according to what be my own superstition) if a lesser and somewhat anti-climactic celebrity dies first, that will complete the Triad, thus saving a more beloved celebrity from death.

For now.

But if this happens, a less-important celebrity is sacrificing him or herself to prevent a really awful Triad, you're left wondering why, for example, Jonathan Winters had to be in the same Triad as Margaret Thatcher. And where did Annette Funicello figure in? But sometimes that's just the way it happens.

The worst thing of all is how completely unpredictable the superstition is.

Anyway, this Celebrity Death Triad had better lay off Dawn Wells.
So I wrote this post to jinx it and arrest the Triad at two.

We'll see if that works.


William Metzker said...

What if the third was Justin Bieber? Or one of the Kardashians? Or Miley Cyrus?

Stranger said...

I'd forgotten about the Kardashians. Did you know their stepdad is Bruce Jenner? He might be a good third, too.

I'd definitely considered Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus an possible inconsequential people who could be thirds. Except I think I'd be a little sad if Miley Cyrus died. I feel kind of bad for her.