Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Celebrity Death Triad: Complete

Is nine days too long since the last Celebrity Death to count today's death as part of the Triad?

Oh, you'd better believe I made a meme.
I'll be honest. I thought Shirley Temple had died like 20 years ago. So naturally I got to wondering, "What did Shirley Temple look like as a grownup?" Thanks to Google images, there's an answer to that question.

Yup, she looks just like a grownup.
I wonder if she knew her real age when they took this picture?
I want red lipstick to make a comeback.

The 40s were awesome, seriously.

The first non-Shirley-Temple pic that Google images turned up.

When I was a kid, Shirley Temples were the best thing ever. Grenadine and soda with a maraschino cherry. We mostly only got to have them in restaurants. A heavy grenadine pour was like kid crack.

That's what I think of when I think of Shirley Temple-- going to restaurants with my family.

And also this:

The olden days were seriously fucked up.

By the way, it's possible the last two celebrity deaths didn't hail a Triad, and this most recent death is the start of a new Celebrity Death Triad.

One can never say for sure. Celebrity Death Triads are slippery things indeed.

Ba da ching!

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