Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Post-Update Update Post

So it appears there's cause for celebration and the impossible tale of the workers' rights protest at Koç University has had a surprise happy ending.

Or so it would seem. It was all dramatic and tense there for a couple of days when, after a very long meeting, everyone agreed to everything "in principle." The workers were going to get their jobs back with the new subcontractors, with no loss of benefits from their previous jobs.

Nothing got signed though, because it had gotten too late at night. Apparently pens become heavier as the day wears on.

Then Rektör didn't show up at the appointed time the next morning to sign the documents as promised. Then the agreement got broken up into individual parts, leaving the issue of benefits and other work conditions up to the new subcontractors to agree to.

This was not good.

Then all of a sudden everyone agreed to everything and the workers are eligible to apply to the new contractors, with the understanding they would all get their old jobs and start work right away. The underdogs won.

The End.

I think I'll be working on figuring this one out for a long time.


Backto Bodrum said...

Great news . Is the tide turning?

Stranger said...

I'm still finding it too good to be true.

And I can't stop wondering, if it was possible to do this in the first place-- have the new subcontractors hire the ISS workers-- why didn't they just do that in the first place? And what was the point of suddenly firing all of them after the march?

Just when you think you've got things in hand around here, something completely baffling happens.

peapod said...

Here's hoping it's all good and all true :)