Sunday, April 14, 2013

Radio Show #2:

My second radio show ended up being on LE's birthday. I feared my whole schtick was developing into a kids' birthday thing, but fortunately no one really listens.

So I played as many of LE's favorite songs as I could. He has this one Greek song his dad has on a CD in his car that he loves, but despite numerous requests over the course of a week, his dad couldn't manage to message me the name of the song or the singer, so I couldn't play it. I also tried to arrange with his dad to hook up the show on his computer so LE could hear it (LE was staying with him on his 6th birthday), which he failed to do until the last few songs.

Be sure I said some choice words about his dad on the radio. Ha! It should have felt petty, but relative to the master of petty (BE), it just felt good.

Anyway, here's the show.

And here's the playlist. It's a combination of songs he likes and songs I used to sing to him.

Kung Fu Fighting-- Carl Douglas
Bohemian Rhapsody-- Queen (I had to quit singing it to him because it started making him cry, though for awhile there after the separation he requested it when he needed a good cry. I thought this was cool because this song also used to make me cry when I was a kid and it came on the radio)
Adventures in Solitude-- The New Pornographers
Little Ghost-- White Stripes
You Are My Sunshine-- Aretha Franklin (I liked this arrangement best, after scouring You Tube and finding most of them either too schmaltzy or too hillbilly for my tastes. A close second, though, was the Soggy Bottomed Boys from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Jane Says-- Jane's Addiction
After Hours-- The Velvet Underground
California Über Alles-- The Dead Kennedys
White Rabbit-- Jefferson Airplane
Ca Plane Pour Moi-- Nouvelle Vague
Blackbird-- Evan Rachel Wood (from the film Across the Universe, which really does justice to the Beatles' covers)
Mickey-- Toni Basil
I Wanna Be Sedated-- The Ramones
I'm Sticking With You-- The Velvet Underground
Saw Red-- Sublime (the acoustic version, not the feat. Gwen Stefani one, which is also good)
Only You-- Yaz

On the show, there were some other soundclips I stuck in, where 2.5-3 year old LE recorded himself on the voice memos on my iPhone. I include them here, with some gratuitously adorable photos:

You Are My Sunshine
Kung Fu Fighting

I also had Gangnam Style on there, an unfortunately catchy tune I want to kill after hearing it so much, usually at 6am when he's awake and I'm not. But the boy can seriously bust a move.


Ayak said...

Quite a varied playlist. What a pity your ex is so petty. It's always the kids that suffer for it.

Westy said...

Some Great tunes there...sounds like a radio show is a fun thing to do:)

Stranger said...

Yeah, I get a kick out of it.

oamletra said...

good taste at such an age! that should immunize him against the likes of demet akalin and serdar ortac!

Stranger said...

May Serdar Ortaç go fuck himself with that fork.

He has a thing for Yalın and this one Hande Yener song right now. I'm not terribly impressed, but I'm often pleased with the foreign music he gravitates towards himself, like the Dead Kennedys and Queen....