Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bread: A Vignette

Love me! I love you!
In Turkey, it's a sin to waste bread or throw bread out or in other way abuse bread. Lots of people won't even throw away crumbs they've just swept off the table. They put them on the sill or toss them out of the window for the birds to eat.

Yesterday, a taxi driver stopped his car in the middle of the street and got out. I wondered why he was doing that, as it was raining a little and drivers usually wait in the car for someone to come out of the house.

And then I saw a sad, damp loaf of bread lying in the middle of the street. The driver picked it up and rested it gently on a nearby ledge. Then he got back into his taxi and drove away.

That is all.


Ayak said...

I remember the first time, years ago, that I was reprimanded by a neighbour for throwing out bread. I just make bread pudding with it now...or I wrap old bread well and hide it in the bottom of the rubbish sack.

Stranger said...

Hee! I used to go to a lot of trouble to make bread crumbs for cooking.

But now I just hide the bread too :)

Anonymous said...

In Kazakhstan they do the same thing with bread, they put it in a bag by the rubbish bins


Stranger said...

I would expect people to be more careful with things like water and salt than they are. But I kind of get respecting the bread...