Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Bout Of Insanity

Through a series of relatively uninteresting events it has arisen that I might have to move soon. It's okay. It's just a downstairs move. But it came up all of a sudden and because it's just downstairs, I've done practically nothing to prepare for the move.

Instead, I've done a whole lot of things not related to moving. Or vaguely moving-related. Yesterday, when we had the day off, I tried all of LE's clothes on him to see which ones didn't fit anymore. He was surprisingly easy-going for the whole process, and we got rid of about half his clothes. So at least that's getting rid of stuff.

Then I threw out some other stuff.

Today, instead of packing to move, I decided it was a good idea to start organizing LE's toys and throwing out the crappy ones while he's not home. He shares my own inexplicably and deeply passionate againstness of getting rid of any one single thing, ever. So my doing this with his toys while he's not here is completely evil. I was always extremely sensitive about throwing stuff away. Just ask my mom.

And then, Spider became extraordinarily interested in this little sack of dead batteries in the kitchen. She carried it off triumphantly, as she does. And I thought, "What the fuck is in that sack of dead batteries she wants so much? And moreover, why the fuck do I have a little sack of dead batteries?"

So it's possible I'm being cool about the move but also going a little insane.

Anyway, organizing the toys. I started with one little basket in the living room.This doesn't include the 1-2-3 boxes or all the toys in the child's bedroom. Which is no longer a bedroom because it no longer has a bed. It's a toy hole. Anyway. I started putting the toys into piles and this is what I ended up with.

Boy stuff includes tools, police stuff, and army stuff, including little men.

You know what the cats are doing now?

That's right. The cats are killing the joker cap and batting the small balls everywhere.

Thereby making a wreck of these piles.
And then you know what I did? Took pictures of the piles, cleverly labelled them in MSPaint, and wrote this blog instead of dealing with the toys further, or even protecting the piles from the cats. So it's as though I did nothing but make a tremendous mess.

Completely fucking insane.


Ayak said...

Ah..but sorting out and getting rid of stuff is an essential part of moving, so you really are making an effort. Although taking photos and blogging about it is a distraction. But I know what you mean. Everytime we have moved, everything has been left until the last minute...but it always gets done eventually.

Stranger said...

Heh. Eventually... Someone needs to light a fire under my ass, I think.

Briar said...

You probably don't want to know about the fact that I developed a crazed need for all Beckett's toys to be in their own fabric drawstring bags (that I sewed) and that I became maniacal about purchasing fabric that would match the type of toys within. Maybe I need to see how much it would cost to send a set to Turkey.

Stranger said...

Hee! Last year, I took all the toys and dumped them in the middle of the floor to sort and organize them. For their assigned Ikea plastic drawers, I printed up little pictures to show what should go in each drawer. The rationale was that it would encourage the pre-literate little monster to put his toys away in places where he'd be able to find them later. Within a few days, the taped-on pictures all curled in the damp.

And guess what never, ever happened, not even once? Hence where we are today with the toy thing. At least he has an adventure every time he looks at his toys because there's always something he forgot he has.