Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ugliest Cat In The World

Lately, the ugliest tomcat in the world has decided to walk us from the trash bin near our house to the one up the street.

He doesn't look like the sort of cat who should be scampering cheerfully alongside a squealing 4 year old. And he definitely doesn't look like the sort of cat who would stand up on his hind legs whoring for a cuddle with the iPhone. He looks like the sort of cat who should be out doing some serious scrapping and kitten-making. He's got these black oily stains that have been there all week, as though he's been rolling in tar and calling it his bitch. His face is a permanent mess of fighting and sticking his head into oily trash carcasses.

He's clearly a tom, all chest-heavy and surly, much like the cat version of the dog in Tom and Jerry.

Imagine if this dog were an orange cat.

And to make it worse, the poor fellow has a touch of smashy-faced Persian in him. Or something. Plus there's the eye thing.

Still, LE and I both like him pretty well.

I totally petted the dirty little bastard today. And I didn't wash my hands after, either. Hah!


Jack Scott said...

Life is tough on the streets, all that scrapping, scoffing and shagging takes its toll. Do you feed him?

Stranger said...

Nah, these cats eat like kings. Two trash bins in 2 blocks, plus the neighbors all put out bags of old food.

Funny thing about this one is that he only follows us when LE is around!

Rebecca said...

I love the roughy toughy tom cats here. One of the 15 cats I care for is still entire ( I would never be able to get him in a hamper) and these days he looks as if something has started to eat him and spat him out again. Like your tom cat he is a big softy.

Stranger said...

His name is now Uggy Tom. He doesn't have that black shit all over him anymore so I started petting him.

The latest arrivals are some black spotties that are wicked about getting underfoot in their quest for adoration. They must be siblings, though, because they keep getting distracted by each other, and start rubbing up and rolling around together in a cuddly way. Even the neighbors who hate animals are charmed.

Anonymous said...

I've adopted a few former street cats here n the city and I laughed my ass off at your post. Didn't wash your hands? Sounds like a vendetta!