Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Article By Someone Way Smarter Than I Am

 This is one of the most interesting things I've read in awhile.

And I read a lot.


Nomad said...

Admittedly I skimmed the article but I plan to go back and read it more thoroughly.
One time, I happened to witness in Turkey a completely manufactured news "event." The Prime Minister, surrounded by her entourage and all the local smarmy types, was cutting a satin ribbon, lots of heavy set village women bused in from God knows where and the completely imaginary goals and equipment. It was supposed to be some kind of women's education program, teaching them skills like computer skills (that was before those naughty women took to staying up late in chat rooms and dancing around in front of their web cams in their birthday suits as some AKP ministers have claimed.) Within twenty-four hours, all the computers were back to wherever they came from- there wasn't even electrical outlets in the rooms, mind you, the photos were in all the papers and the women were presumably back in their villages, working in the fields, with a bit of small change in their pockets. But probably it went to the husbands.
I asked one of my students who happened to be a newspaper reporter, all about his role in this hoax. He told me that he had a choice, either he reported the news the way his boss wished or he would be looking for a new job. "But it doesn't really matter anyway,"he told me. "Nobody actually believes anything they read in the newspapers in Turkey." I thought the irony of this view was marvelous.

On a side note, I found this interesting blog post about faked or staged photos in Reuters New agency. I thought the part about the toys was fascinating.

Stranger said...

I admit to skimming before posting, then I read it again more carefully. I like short articles that tie together a whole bunch of apparently disparate thoughts I've been having for a long time...

Jerry said...

Like most extremely talented people, I feel you tend to admire what is completely unintelligible to most. Your particular gift is to remain communicable to everyone.
The article is okay for me and I'll read it again, but it isn't in any way superior to your writing.

That being said you are looking very well in your photo.

Stranger said...

Thanks, Jerry. I didn't pay much attention to the writing, but I know someone is way smarter than me when they show the ability to process information faster and with a greater depth and breadth than I ever could.

And then write succinctly it so I can understand it without getting bored. Succinctness has never been one of my strong points.

And what I wouldn't give to have that woman's waist! I think they just don't make women's bodies like that anymore...