Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's probably because of the hat that one would never suspect this guy of being the jerkiest of the minibus drivers who come up on campus.

He's the jerkiest because he's the only guy that charges the "you boarded the minibus" fee to go from the campus to the gate-- a 2-minute trip that all the other guys will take you on for free.

But this guy has a reputation. Good thing he's easy to spot from his silhouette.

Only now, I feel like a jerk for calling him a jerk. It's probably because of the hat.


Nomad said...

One thing that I enjoy more than.. well, say, chocolate ice cream.. is watching a Turk take arms and jump into an unfair situation and argue it out. I mean, as a foreigner I suppose I just take it for granted that I am going to be bugged by a lot more than your average native, so when I see a Turkish person take offense to something (as in your example) it fills me a satisfaction that I can hardly express.
Sadly, it doesn't happen near enough.

Stranger said...

I considered pushing him a bit, but remembered it's only 1.5 lira or 1 lira, depending on his mood. Pretty stiff for such a short trip, but not really worth getting into. And he entitled to charge it, after all.

Also, he really just looks like a sweet old grampa. He has very kind green eyes and I've seen him be nice once or twice. It's surprising that he would be such an enforcer of random rules.