Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rhino and Monkey: A Fable

So far (since I started the new job) I have avoided public mockery of student writing (by this, I imply that I have indeed publicly mocked student writing in the past). No more. I humbly offer this fable, the result of a collaboration of four Intermediate kids who sit in the back of the room:

Once upon a time, monkey got around Rhino kidded the monkey about the monkey's red ass. Moreover, Rhino said that how did you do to make a red ass? Monkey was so angry to Rhino and monkey said that look at your ass because it looks like my house. To sum up, we won't kid anybody because everybody has some mistakes.

Clearly, my job here is done.


Stranger said...

I got an email from Nomad saying he's having trouble posting comments, so I'm posting this for him:

NOMAD: One time, I was teaching an adult upper intermediate class and on the final exam, students were obliged to give a short writing, describing qualities of a good friend. One student made an unfortunate confusion between two similar words and observed that "a good friend should be thrustable" and "we must thrust our good friends all time."

On another occasion, one of my teacher friends came from her class in a state of utter bewilderment one evening. She told me of a peculiar situation in her class where she was having a discussion about films and the student's described their favorite genres. One student kept saying he liked "creamy" films. At first, my friend attempted to figure out what on earth he was referring to but then, despite his insistence that he preferred "cream" type films, she turned coward, afraid where it might lead.
Later when she asked me about it, I replied,"Could he have meant CRIME?" She seemed relieved.

Stranger said...

(Posting as Stranger now) Hee! I once had a student (really handsome one too) say, on the first day of class, that he worked at his dad's sex factory. I had him repeat it a few times, probably turned 14 shades of purple, and just figured, "Well, someone has to run the sex factories. Why not this fellow's dad?"

Turned out he meant socks factory.

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