Monday, June 29, 2009


Titter titter.
Yeah, that's right. We're real freaking grown up around here.


siobhan said...

That's even funnier. Is it for real?

Stranger said...

Hee! It's totally real, from a 1950s elementary reader called "Dick and Jane." It has some definite nostalgic value and often is re-released in hardcover versions. My dad (who used it in school) gave it to me as a joke, but LE really likes it, strangely enough. As a reader, it's pretty crap-- if you got through the whole thing you would have learned to read about 25 words-- it's all "See Dick run. Run Dick run. Run Run Run." My first grade reader in the 70s was actually quite similar, though it wasn't Dick and Jane and I remember a kid called Red in there. I remember it was boring as hell because I'd learned to read before I started kindergarten and it was so mind-numbing sitting and listening to the other kids stumble through it during reading time.

I wonder what Turkish readers are like? I kind of think LE will have the same one as his Dede, though perhaps with changed politics...