Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleeping Alone

We recently moved to a larger flat (three floors down from our old flat). One of the many advantages of this new house (an extra half bath, parquet floors instead of nasty white carpeting, a kitchen faucet that moves back and forth) is that LE gets his own room.

He's never had his own room. A few months before I got pregnant with LE, BE and I went to Cyprus and BE actually managed to win some money (after our first Cyprus visit, I learned to take all of BE's cash and credit cards and hide them except for an agreed upon amount to gamble away. BE can be a, let's just say compulsive, all right?). We used his winnings (which I also hid) to furnish a room in our house as an office. Then LE arrived, but we liked the office too much to give it up, so LE has always been in our room. He got kicked out of our bed for good when he was about a year old because he's a lousy sleep buddy who thrashes and kicks and does things to your lips and eyes while you're asleep.

Here I thought he'd be all traumatized from having to spend the whole night all by himself in his own room with no one to awaken every 2 hours to tell him to go back to sleep. Selfishly, I dreaded the whole thing, figuring he'd just get up all the time and find me so I could tell him to go back to sleep which would be a pain in the ass in the middle of the night and eventually I'd be sleeping on his bedroom floor.

But, like weaning, he's just taken it into stride and worked out a way to deal with it.


siobhan said...

Well done, LE. Very sweet photo. D used to sleep with a whole host of toys until one night quite out of the blue he said 'take them away mummy', and that was that

Stranger said...

It started rather suddenly with the monkey, wanting to sleep with something. Then he started alternating with the doll. Sometimes it has to be both, or his train, and just as often he's fine with nothing. But for the nap in the photo he was very insistent.

Derek Barker said...

I love the picture! So peaceful & cuddly.

Stranger said...