Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ufak Lothario

In LE's class at baby school, there are 6 boys and one girl. I feel sorry for the teachers. Anyway, out of all the boys, this girl has taken a shine to LE. According to her mother, she constantly annoys him by kissing him, pinching his cheeks, and petting his hair. Apparently she talks about him a great deal at home too.

Our little Ladykiller. We're kind of proud.

The other night, BE and I were talking about LE's girlfriend (he's taken to singing her name absently while he races around destroying things and bumping his head). I suddenly wondered what LE does when she showers him with her attentions. Does he run away? Reciprocate? Just sit there and take it? All of these are possible.

Then it occurred to me that whatever he does, it means LE has this whole social life we know nothing about.

It begins.

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