Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Songs in English

I've had a few responses sharing my amusement at old headscarf ladies rocking out to dirty songs in the supermarket, and it reminded me of this commercial someone sent me a few years back.

Apologies to my readers outside the Turkish firewall for the complicated KTunnel link, but YouTube is still banned here. So is geocities and a few others. I'm so glad they're protecting my morality here.


Jess said...

Rats. The link is broken.

Mind if I share a story? I hope it makes you laugh.

It's out first week in Turkey, and we newcomers are enjoying the sun at Sile. The beach is packed -- teenagers, kids, and even old ladies in full dress and scarves are bobbing in the water. We're crashed out on beach chairs in a long line down the sand, when all of a sudden, one by one, we all sit up and stare at each other. Are we seriously hearing Salt and Pepa? "I don't want no short dick man, uh uh uh, I don't want no teeny weeny uh uh uh."

I never even HEARD of that one back in the States. I didn't know it EXISTED.

Sometimes, cultural dislocation rocks!

Stranger said...

That's hilarious!

I was afraid the link wouldn't work. Too bad, but there's no way to link directly to YouTube here, as you know. From Turkey, go to, and put into the search box at the bottom (after getting rid of the 5 billion popups). In youtube, I used the search term "dutch commercial i wanna fuck you" (it kind of spoils the surprise but it's still pretty funny).

It's funny the British and US music that comes here that we never heard of at home-- it's like the B-sides all got popular here (I'm always hearing Alphaville "Big in Japan," the B-side to "Forever Young"). There's a gawd-awful Tom Jones song that never topped the charts as far as I know called "Black Betty" I hear all the time. I think that one could cause riots in certain quarters...

Anonymous said...

Ahaha... Alphaville! I was a huge fan back in the eighties.

I'll try again, thanks.


Stranger said...

I could never truly be friends with someone who never got all maudlin to Alphaville in their teenaged years.