Friday, March 20, 2009

A Rainy Day Adventure

It's been mostly raining for weeks on end and even though spring is not far off, it's been too wet for park adventures. Admittedly LE and I got so stir crazy one day I decided to take him out puddle-jumping. Naturally he found some very deep puddles and got soaking wet up to his waist and some busybody stopped for a few minutes just to give me a good, long dirty look about this. Then she went off to some nearby workmen to tell on me, much to the workmen's amusement.

After so much rain poor LE can not always contain his youthful exhuberance indoors, so last weekend I had his Baba pack him off to a new mall nearby where they have a play area.

I'm not sure he's totally comfortable about Spiderman.

LE's never been much of a guy for security objects, but apparently he hung onto his keys the whole time.

I guess all the fun was a little overwhelming for him.

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