Thursday, March 19, 2009


I heard this word "monumentous" on TV last night, in some dumb show about Oscar's parties that came between Without a Trace and forgetting to turn the TV off before bed. I don't know if this word "monumentous" was a stupid mistake on behalf of the speaker, a particularly delicious piece of generative grammar, or a word that has wormed its way into English since I left the US.

In any case, I kind of like it. It’s a useful coinage that rolls off the tongue.

And it nicely describes recent Baby Events. The other night, LE escaped from his crib. I knew he'd been getting close, but I didn't think he was that close. He was surprised about his escape in a not altogether good way (who can blame him, suddenly escaping your crib in the dark like that?), but then he realized what he’d done and was really pleased with himself. He was laughing and sobbing at the same time. Conflicting baby emotions are funny.

So even though managing to escape the crib is an impressive feat, I think LE’s pretty lucky he didn’t hurt himself and I’d rather discourage future attempts. LE’s crib, fortunately, converts to a bed. Ikea is so clever like that. The bars just whipped right off with an allen wrench and now we have this nice little boy bed.

Oops, sorry. Big Boy Bed.


Iman said...

What a little (big) cutie!

siobhan said...

That's cute. You dare take photos of your sleeping child?

Stranger said...

Only in daylight with no flash and the camera's sound turned off. It was only the hugeness of the occasion that made me dare.