Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff You Might Not Know About Me: A Meme

A meme from David over at ELT World.

I have to say, I like getting memes because then I don’t have to think up my own topics.

1 Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog
2 Share 7 facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird
3 Tag seven people at the end of your post
4 Let them know they’ve been tagged

1) These are the famous people I’ve seen in person: Julia Child (San Francisco airport), Danny Glover (Reno airport), Bobby McFerrin (on a plane from San Francisco to De Gaulle), Cory Feldman (Magic Mountain), Julia Roberts, (Clement St., San Francisco), the guy who played Skippy Handleman on Family Ties (twice—once when he was part of a Yale a capella group that performed at my high school, and a few years later on Haight St. in San Francisco when he was handing out flyers for his comedy show. The flyers said “He’s not Skippy Handleman anymore” and he was a little bit mad we kept calling him that), Judge Mills Lane (guest speaker in my 3rd grade class), Senator Harry Reid (guest speaker in my 6th grade class), the bassist from the Pixies (in Portland), Jack Johnson (several times at his shows), David Ogden Stiers (in a restaurant in Eugene), Jimmy Carter (guest speaker at my college). Oh, and my one of my next door neighbors was Dawn Wells’s nephew.

2) I have three gross hand tricks. One is bending my fingers back to a 90 degree angle. Another is bending my thumbs back almost to my wrist. The third is locking all the top joints of the fingers on my left hand at 90 angles while keeping the rest of my fingers straight, then moving just the top joints. The thumb thing is apparently congenital, as my grandmother could do the same. LE’s thumb joints are so loose that they bend all the way back painlessly when I pull his shirt on. When he was first born, there were several times I went, “Eek! Where’d your thumbs go?” while dressing him.

3) The longest I’ve gone without sleeping is 52 hours.

4) I save all the extra buttons that come with my clothes.

5) The first record I ever bought with my own money was Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. The first tapes I ever bought (at once, with the same gift certificate) were the soundtrack from Amadeus, the soundtrack from Footloose, and Duran Duran’s Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

6) I do not, nor have I ever, owned an I-Pod.

7) I have rosacea. If I’m not careful, I could end up looking like Charles Bukowski, and it wouldn’t be from the liquor.

And with that I tag: Bri, Siobhan, Melissa... Well, it's not seven but those are the only blogs I've been reading lately.


Papa said...

I thought a meme was your female parent. Opposite of pepe.

David V. said...

'Eye of the tiger' remains a personal favourite to this day.

Stranger said...

Yeah, it's a good song. Better if you can quash any 'Rocky' associations...

Yaramaz said...

OMG- I can do the very same finger/thumb things! I thought I was the only person who enjoyed grossing people out with unnaturally flexible bending! Right on!

Greetings from Shanghai!

Stranger said...

Wow, neat!

Maybe we're related. I've never met anyone who can do those things. The only bad thing is that my pinkie joint locks in that position-- it made playing stringed instruments rather tricky.

Do your arms and legs also bow backwards when you lock them? I never showed you my gross arm trick-- it's too hard to explain.

I forgot to mention I can also stand with my feet turned nearly all th way backwards, like a jinn.