Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost Two: A Week Of Mishaps

Except for the illness and medicine, last week was a usual sort of week...

Monday: LE develops a goopy eye thing. Does not care at all for the drops, which must be given twice a day. There’s pinning down and screaming involved. LE also trips over his carseat, hits his nose, and gets a nosebleed.

Tuesday: LE misses the potty. Poo everywhere. Manages to start empty washer and fill it partway with water. Later, he puts clean clothes from the drawer into the puddle in the washer. The eye worsens. Bashes his head after flinging himself backwards for a tantrum.

Wednesday: Is found to have a budding ear infection. Starts antibiotics. Eyedrops increased to four times daily. Medicine is extremely yucky. Must be bribed with jellybeans. Getting the eyedrops in involves tempting him with a bribe, pinning him down, him screamimg and writhing, getting the jellybean, and running off quite pleased. There are no major injuries today, but LE gets a small wire basket stuck on his head.

Thursday: LE falls off slide and almost splits chin, but just gets a nasty bruise. Learns to climb the monkey bar ladder.

Friday: Gets carsick all over self and carseat. It’s very stinky. I think about how many years of cleaning puke from difficult places (like carseat buckles) lie ahead of me.

Saturday: Upon waking, LE picks a bloody booger from his nose and rubs it in his eye. BE wakes up to LE in his crib looking like he has a bloody eye. Panic ensues. I am fetched from sleep to deal with it.

And this was before the week was even over. As of today, the chin bruise is almost healed, his ears aren't quite better and the eye thing may be coming back, but now it's rain, rather than sickness, trapping us in the house for the third week in a row.

It's a good thing LE and I can hang.


Probably Me said...

Hello, I am a little confused. As far as I know, with my very poor English, LE would be short for Later Edit. What does LE mean here? Sorry to ask .

Stranger said...

Interesting! I didn't know LE had another meaning.

I'm using LE for my son and BE for my husband to protect whatever shreds of anonymity I/we might have. Both their names start with 'E,' so BE is for Big E and LE is for Little E. Just a bit of shorthand from text messages and emails between my parents and I.

Probably Me said...

Thank you so much for your kindness. Well, I took the chance past days and started to read some of your posts, but since l discovered you late I have a lot to recover. Being a mother myself, a 7 years old son, I can say all mothers are blessed. I see my son more and more independent and also I can see how he miraculously turns into a man more and more each day. I have a knight here, he is fencing and I have never been more happy than the times I see him with the sword in his little hand. I'm looking forward to read more and more about your life as a mother in a foreign country. Maybe in time you will show us a glimpse of your son in a picture or so. Thank you very much for everything.
Have a nice evening!

Stranger said...

I'm looking forward to the days of increased independence even though I know it'll make me sad when my little shadow isn't always there tugging at my leg. I often look at older boys playing and just think 'Yuck,' though other times I have to admire their earnestness and energy.

There are plenty of photos in the archived posts. Just look at 2008. I can't help posting pictures because I think LE is the cutest thing in the world.

Thanks for reading!