Friday, December 5, 2008

The Most Beautiful Blog Post In The World

by Shel Silverstein

I wrote such a beautiful book for you
'Bout rainbows and sunshine
And dreams that come true
But the goat went and ate it
(You knew that he would),
So I wrote you another one
Fast as I could.
Of course it could never be
Nearly as great
As that beautiful book
That the silly goat ate.
So if you don't like
This new book I just wrote--
Blame the goat.

That's right. Yesterday I wrote the most beautiful post in the world. I won't tell you what it was about because to do so might tarnish its absent splendor. It was almost finished except for the last paragraph. After LE went to sleep, I returned to wrap things up. I didn't notice Blogger's autosave wasn't working, which often means (if the Internet is working) that something has gone afoul with Blogger. I hit "Publish Post" and got a big fat error message. I went back and discovered that the last bit I'd just written was gone. Then I got mad and said a bad word. Then LE woke up. So earlier today I came back to re-write the forever-lost last paragraph, figuring it would only improve with a second go, and discovered that the whole post had disappeared from the "Drafts" list. Gone. Gone forever.

So at least I have an excuse this time for not posting. The Great Goat of the Universe (or maybe Blogger) was against me. And there's nothing I can do about that but throw my hands up in despair and assure you, dear Reader, that it was the most beautiful post ever.


Tab Calhoun said...

I believe you 100%. The same thing has happened to me.

Only solution: keep writing.

Stranger said...

Thanks for believing!

anonymous1 said...

What a liar!:)

Stranger said...

Don't I wish I were lying!
:( Such a beautiful post...