Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Kurban Bayramı!

It's kind of sad for BE because he's here in the US with us. It must be a lot like Christmas in Turkey is for me, when I know it's Christmas but no one else does. It's a very empty feeling.

LE is in his new outfit looking dapper as ever. He's gotten two new toys which he's being very possessive of. In lieu of killing a sheep, we're having lamb chops for dinner and BE and my dad are drinking rakı.

It's a nice holiday.

Unless, of course, you happen to be a sheep.


Yaramaz said...

I'm celebrating in Granada, Nicaragua with doble mojitos (50 cents!!)and huge bacon jalepeño cheeseburgers! The mint, lime and cow did not sacrifice themselves for nowt!

Tab Calhoun said...

Happy holidays to you from NYC!