Thursday, March 28, 2013

Uneasy Playmates

It's probably because of AKP's shiny new LCD thingie that I suddenly noticed this particular arrangement the other day.

DSP flags adorn the street nearby, and the Anavatan party headquarters are across the street. Whenever CHP or MHP or Anavatan hang their flags in the street, they remain there till they get tatty. Whenever AKP hangs flags, they disappear within hours, even when they hang them on side streets.

I hear there's some gerrymandering going on to include AKP-oriented districts into Sarıyer (Istanbul's biggest district, or one of them) so they can quash this not voting for AKP thing once and for all.

Later, we saw that MHP was hanging a huge Turkish flag out their window. The flag was big enough to cover AKP's window below.

I would really, seriously like to know what goes on in that building every day.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that the AK Party office is located above Ic Giyim Dunyasi, which means 'Lingerie World'. I guess they didn't want to have to walk too far carrying shopping bags with that name on it!

Stranger said...

I love that fact too. It's brilliant and amazing what limited real estate forces on people.

Westy said...

As Turkish politicians seem to have a habit of changing their parties as often as they change their underwear, I am sure all the respective offices are interlinked with revolving and you just go to which political party office you agree with that day :)

Backto Bodrum said...

Flag wars - I sometimes wonder how much bigger these flags are going to get.