Saturday, February 16, 2013


I've just noticed it's been a very long time since I've posted anything.

It's just that there's not much going on.

Here's one example. A few months back, the IRS sent me a letter. The letter said I still owed them $6.34. The $6.34 is a boring part of a boring story about taxes. Anyway, I thought, "Isn't this just the stupidest thing ever in the world, that they posted me this letter (with a copy of said letter enclosed) saying I owe them about as much as the postage for the letter." But I paid it, and posted it back.

Then I thought, "Why didn't they just send me an email?"

The other day, I got another letter from the IRS. It said that they had received my payment of $6.34 and that my my account was paid in full. No further action necessary. Like the first notice, the envelope contained a copy of the notice.

It turned out the second letter from the IRS was, in fact, the stupidest thing ever in the world.

Then it occurred to me why they didn't just send me an email. The government is trying to keep the US Postal Service alive.

Anyone else remember this? It's so fucking great.

A lot of those people are probably dead by now. Definitely the mailman. But I still like it and it makes me glad I'm American.

No, I'm serious. Sometimes I get glad about cheesy things, you know.

It occurred to me today I rather like the life I've forged for myself, knock on wood. Feeling like this is a sure sign that some shit is just waiting to hit some fan somewhere.

Another thing is that I hooked up an hour a week on the university radio station. I did my first one yesterday. It was intimidating and I totally freaked out beforehand and for the first 20 minutes or so I was totally shaking but in the end it felt cool. This week, the theme was "Happy Birthday, Demir!" and I put together a bunch of songs for my friend's kid, who just turned 3. Also I went to his party after and we had mojitos. Well,not Demir, obviously. He had juice. But this party made me remember the best way to throw a party for a kid is to throw a party for grownups where you let the kids come.

Next week, it's gonna be LE's sixth (sixth!) birthday, and I already planned out a list of his favorite songs.

Anyway, it's Friday at 6 next week, then Friday at 5 after that. And LE has cool taste in music.

You can stream it from here:

So that's something.

There's so much to say about LE I don't even know where to start, so I just won't.

He's fine. I'm fine. We're both fine.

I started playing with Hipstamatic again. It's super fun. Not just because you can make bullshit photos all artistic and shit, but also because of the interface itself. It's kind of like regular cameras in the old days because you have to wait for the flash to warm up and it makes that weird sound, and it kind of takes awhile to make the pictures. Also, it's pretty much up to chance somehow and you never know what you'll end up with, but minus the annoying step of taking the film to get developed and finding out a few days later that half the pictures were shit. It has a thing where you shake the phone and it puts itself on a random combination of film, paper, lens, and flash, which further complicates the unpredictability.

So. For lack of anything interesting to say, I leave you with some faux-artistic bullshit photos.

Mundane things are amazing!

Still haven't managed to hang our pictures.

I made this my phone wallpaper.

I'm easily amazed.

These seem forlorn.

The carpet.

When I took the picture, I noticed the keyboard says "sex" when you look at it right.

This one really sucks.

This looks like a murder scene photo.

Yay, Botan!

Blurry sparkly shit.

Our furniture is in pretty shitty condition.

Night minibus.


Out the window on the night minibus.

More minibus.

I'm a little obsessed with minibuses.


Backto Bodrum said...

I've just got a letter from UK pension authorities, addressed to me in Turkey, asking me to ring and giving me a number that can only be used in the UK. Dumb or what!

Stranger said...

Hehe. And you know that in both cases, there's a line of bureaucratic people aware that they're each doing something non-sensical, but just doing it because that's the way it has to be done.