Thursday, January 3, 2013

Edit: A First Time For Everything

So. For what it's worth, I never go back and change my posts, except for maybe a preposition or something here or there. But I wrote some mean stuff in the previous post about the owner of the school where I used to work, and then I was all, "Hah, I'm gonna send him a friend request on FB, maybe get my $2,000 back."

Only he accepted the friend request right away. We've been having a nice IM chat. Even though I owned up to my online bitchfest to him as soon as he accepted the request, I still felt bad because indeed life hasn't been great to him and it was just too shitty of me to further wish ill upon him using his name and stuff. The $2,000 wasn't personal, after all. Well, it sort of was, but it wasn't personal from him. There are other people to be mad at for that. But this guy got royally fucked by the world and he's still putting the pieces back together. And I always liked him pretty well, despite everything.

So I took out the thing about him in the previous post.

I still feel bad, but it was all I could do.

Bad Stranger.


Bill said...

When you're right, it's the money. When you're wrong, it's the principal. Go for the $2k. :-)

Stranger said...

I'm right. And also this is the principle. It's Turkey after all, so only karma or kısmet or whatever will give me my money. İnşallah.

Which, ironically, is the same amount of money I owe you and Mom for the divorce. So.

Jack Scott said...

I really hope you get the dosh back. It's a lot to lose. Hope you and the boy are well and life is a little lighter for you.

Stranger said...

Thanks, Jack. It think it will take a tremendous leap of karma to ever get my money back, but you never know, right?

I'm planning another winter trip to Bodrum, and I thought of you guys. Hope you're settling into like there all right.

This year is was better than last for LE and I :)

Happy New Year and love to Liam...