Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vice Haiku

I like to drink. Why?
It makes me feel really good
And solves my problems.

I like to smoke. Why?
There's no good answer for that.
I just do. So what?

I like to fuck. Why?
It's free and doesn't harm me.
And men smell so nice.

I so like music
Music is like sex and booze
Like butter into my ears.

I like to read. Why?
Reading's not a vice, really.
It just feels that way.

Getting High
Getting high is fun.
Sex, booze, music, words, reading
Are better while baked.

And I like writing
I start it and I can't stop.
It's better than dreams.

Being Lazy
Being lazy rocks.
Because of doing nothing,
I like working more.


I like to swear. Why?
Because I know big words, too.
Fucking fuck fuck fuck.

Being Human
Being human's sweet
Loves, vices, smells, and ennui
It's under my skin.


Ayak said...

I love this post. You have really cheered me up and made me smile today. Have a great deserve it xxxx

Stranger said...

Thanks, Ayak! :)

My ex read this post for some reason (he never reads anything I write, or at least he didn't while we were married). He got so mad, he issued a proclamation that I'm not to speak to him or set foot in his house again.

Clearly, there are some practical problems with this he hasn't thought through.

Hope you're having a cozy, rainy Thursday.


Ayak said...

Oh dear...never mind..I'm sure you won't be losing any sleep over it!

No rain today, just glorious sunshine..long may it last.