Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wrong! Bad!

Over Bayram, the in-laws and I took the kid to the playing place at some mall. The experience was endured by all except the kid, who clearly had no idea the play place at the mall is one of the suckiest places on Earth.

This was my take-away. And also a headache.

Look, I get why #1 and #3 are inadvisable things to do with a mallet, but saying #2 can cause injuries is a bit extreme. Does it also cause hairy palms and blindness?

Oh, wait. On closer inspection, I see it's just telling you not to hit your foot with the mallet. You know why? Because that would be fucking stupid. Come to think of it, if you did the 3rd one, you would pretty much deserve to have that happen to you.

Please, my friends. Treat your mallets with care and wisdom. For goodness sakes, don't do it wrong.

You can be sure there was a passel of young males of all ages who found a whole host of other ways to use the mallet wrong in about 5 seconds. It was like the mallet was asking for it, just for being a mallet in the play place at some mall over Bayram.

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