Friday, April 22, 2011

Channelling MacGyver Again

The other day LE came to me asking for some glue because he wanted to look like Santa Claus. He'd found the cotton on some Christmas decorations we'd made and stuck on the window back in December, which stayed there until last week when I had the windows washed.

I know, I know. Worst mom ever-- it's almost Easter and we've still got the Christmas decorations up. Sue me for neglect already, then please shut up because the voices in my head are quite enough, thank you. It's just that I just couldn't stand to throw LE's Picasso-esque construction paper Santa and Elf into the trash, though they weren't quite worth saving until next year, either.

My ambivalence about a lot of issues is causing our house to fill up with crap I can't quite bring myself to get rid of, from crayon scribbles on torn magazine pages to the stroller and infant seat. Good thing we have a lot of storage.

Anyway, my grown up judgment told me glue probably isn't the best way for a little boy to stick cotton on his face. Turns out toothpaste, however, works a treat!

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Inter said...

He is so cute,awesome fake beard:-)