Sunday, January 31, 2010


First I thought, "It's far too late for a holiday post."

Then I realized I hardly ever blog nice things about my kid. This doesn't mean he isn't spoiled rotten with kisses and praise 95% of the time.

Really, I'm just looking for a segue into posting our Santa pictures. Remember last year? I do. I don't know if he does.

This year, he assured me he wasn't scared. But he wasn't exactly jubilant either.

Still, he's a very, very beautiful boy.

(Second photo courtesy of my dad)


Nomad said...

He has grown up so much in one year! What kinds of steroids are you giving the child? :)

Stranger said...

It freaks me out how fast he grows. The cleaner gets baby clothes in waves every few weeks as LE outgrows them. Her baby is enormous, and at one year is wearing thing LE was wearing a few months ago!

Vicky, Bursa said...

oh he is completely gorgeous. But also just a little bit scared, poor love.

Stranger said...