Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tempting, But No Thanks

This was written on some exercise equipment near our house (apologies for the quality-- I took it with my phone).

Graffiti in crappy English never fails to amuse. This says (I'm pretty sure), "I can saking your bush my penis."

So it's not just the English that's crap, it's the writer's apparent knowledge of sex and what his penis can and cannot do.

Good luck to you, fella, whoever you are.


nick said...

Beylikduzu eh?

Justme-the bastards have banned me after all those years. I will leave some time before reappearing with a new name. Please stir up the 31 is baba thing.

Stranger said...

Beylikdüzü, that hotbed of kinky nasty monkey circus sex.

I guess this graffiti is more admirable than when they just write their names. Or their girlfriend's name. I imagine the graffiti artist gripping his writing tool, his teenage angst and anger welling up and just as he's about to write a bad word, he thinks of his mother and writes "Ahmet" instead. Or a not-very-bad word like bok.

You're not the only one from the forum that reads the blog-- at least I don't think so, though I don't imagine this wide readership. But no one will believe me if I say you're Baba.

Yaramaz said...

Cause he isn't Baba. That's just silly.

Rebecca said...

I didn't think Turkish girls had bushes.

Stranger said...

Good catch, Rebecca. I meant to point that out as a further indicator that the author has some crucial gaps in his knowledge.

Unless he meant George Bush. Then it kind of makes sense, and we can congratulate him on his political acuity.

seamus said...

It is obvious when you think of it that he is after foreign bush as he is writing in English.

Nomad said...

Personally, in my quest of juicy graffiti, I have been rather disappointed in Turkey. Your example could be one of the hottest- if it were not so confused. Most of them are something along the lines of football jeers...sadly.

Nomad said...

Apropos of nothing in your post- sorry- I wanted to share something with you.. I thought you may need a smile today.


The author's site:

You have to check out the excerpts. Admittedly I made only through the first three pages, but they are doooozies.

And my post about the book, or rather the interview.

Stranger said...

Wow. Seriously, wow. I smiled and then I got very worried my writing.

I loved your blog post about the book and article, Nomad. Thanks for the links! It's caused a post to start burbling in my little mind...

I do wonder how the book would be received in Turkey by people who've never travelled. Sadly, I've heard sentiments like "You are gay and it makes me want to puke" several times.