Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Fine

In response to Rebecca's comment, we're all fine. Our house is up on a hill. BE tried to go to work and couldn't, but then he couldn't get back either so he just had a fun Man Day somewhere in between. Men here sure enjoy each other's company an awful lot. Anyway.

The worst thing that happened was a one hour power cut yesterday, shorter than the last power cut we had, which lasted all day. So Flood & Disaster= 1 hour power cut. Non-Flood & No Discernible Reason= 8 hours off and on but mostly off power cut.

This is sounding awfully smug and I don't mean it to be. Here I was getting all pissed off the other day about the crappy building in our house. Now a whole bunch of people have died because of crappy building, so the fact that our curtains fell down hardly seems to matter.


renai said...

My husband attempted to go to work and after two hours, returned home for a man day on the couch in front of the tv. Luckily his factory didnt get washed away, but there was no power for most of the day. Glad to hear you didnt get washed away either.

Stranger said...

Good to hear you guys are all right.

Did your husband stay in front of the TV even without power? ;) I only ask because mine would have.

I'd figured BE's Man Day involved a lot of tea-drinking, but not much smoking since God forbid anyone goes outside when it's raining. Then he said there was no tea drinking because there was no power, and I was all WTF? You mean no one had one of those little gas tanks attached to a teapot holder?

Probably he drank cold tea and didn't want to tell me.

Then last night he went to watch a match and failed to tell me he was going to watch in or near a washed-out place. Sent me a drunk-looking message at midnight informing me he wouldn't be coming home because he was trapped, and would be staying with his uncle.

Then this morning he phoned and was mad at me because I hadn't called to ask if he was okay.

The logic is infallible.

Papa said...

I thought the flooding was all in the Black Sea area. One or two people have been asking if you were okay.

Stranger said...

Some of it was pretty close to us-- if you pass our house and continue on the freeway for about ten minutes, there was a freeway washout there. Then there was a lot in the small towns beyond there and in Trakya (Thrace). Another washout was in İkitelli near BE's work, and then another in between where Uncle lives and where we live. I guess. I've been avoiding the news as always.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for replying:) Glad to know you haven't been washed away. We are now bracing ourselves for a deluge here on the Asian side.

Stranger said...

So far, the latest threatened "Rain Crisis" has amounted to a few sprinkles. Gotta love a threatened crisis though...