Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Sex Tapes?

Okay, not really. But it could be true, right? Just keep talking about it like it is true, and let's see how long it takes for the general public to start believing it. It's somehow believable. Just like this is somehow believable:

Here is my hope for Sarah Palin. One day maybe five years from now I'll be sitting in a bar with some friends talking about pop culture moments of the past and someone will go, "How about Sarah Palin?" and someone else will go, "Whoa, now that's a blast from the past. Remember that episode of Gilligan's Island where everyone was allergic to Gilligan?" and several other people at the table will go, "Who the hell is Sarah Palin?" And we'll round off this discussion with a friendly debate about Dick York versus Dick Sargent, or Hannah-Barbera "Jerry" versus Chuck Jones "Jerry."

That's the kind of trivial nonsense I hope Sarah Palin will have become in five years. She's one of those people that makes me embarrassed to be American.


Anonymous said...

That's the single most horrid picture I've ever had the misfortune to view. Sorry I haven't dropped by in a while. Hope LE is going from strength to strength. Beware the mikrop!

Stranger said...

Isn't it awful? Worse was everything I waded through by googling "photoshop Sarah Palin." Some were funny but many were nightmarish.

LE seems to have had a cold for the last 2 months, ever since he started Baby School. He doesn't seem to care much, except he doesn't like all the nose wiping.

Hope your little ones are doing well too, and as mikrop free as can be. Your baby must be getting into everything these days...

Glad you ktunnel-ed by for a visit!

Nomad said...

I cranked up my old photoshop for photo of Palin all in good fun all though I detest that woman!

Stranger said...

Isn't she apalling?

What troubles me is seemingly intelligent people who actually take her seriously!