Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Partial Monty

In the interest of keeping the blog alive in the face of not much to say, I give you LE.

He's started stripping in his bed if I don't wake up as soon as he starts huffling around in there. Diaper and all. One night, I went to comfort him in the dark and he handed me something plastic and wet. Of course it was his diaper, only pee fortunately. I turned on the light and there he was, blinking and naked with his jammies down around his ankles.

Yesterday morning it was considerably less cute. He was going "Shooo!" as he does when something is stinky, and I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to change him. I turned on the light and he went "Shooo!" again. Shooo indeed. There was poop all over the boy and all over the bed. He was plopped into the bath before Mommy was even awake all the way.

The troubling part about this (besides the fact that he did it again this morning, fortunately just with a pee diaper) is that I'm not sure he makes the connection between his busyness with the zipper on his jammies and the enticing diaper tabs and the result of being shivering cold and covered in poo.

And very, very stinky.

Potty training freaks me out, but I do look forward to a time when I have less daily involvement with someone else's poop.


ms.bri said...

This scares me. Beck has certainly figured out how to unvelcro his bumGenius diapers. We only had one naked bottomed nap wake-up before I stopped letting him sleep in a diaper. Right now he wears shorts and shirts to sleep at night so it seems fine. But if we get back to sleepers with zippers this winter we will have a similar problem. We have two non-bumGenius diapers that are snaps instead. But honestly, I think he will figure those out, too.

Stranger said...

LE worked out the BumGenius too-- not much of a trick since the Velcro's starting to wear out. Since we're in the US he's in disposeables (the cloths were too much to haul), and those are slightly more difficult to open, especially since I can fold the top edge over the fasteners.

Right now I'm trying to think of a clever way to lock the zipper on his pjs, but I can't think of anything not involving a safety pin... On one hand, I'm glad he's starting to make motions about dressing and undressing himself, but on the other hand, he really needs to work on the timing.

siobhan said...

No advice on the undressing. Just wanted to comment on how grown up LE looks, he's becoming a little boy :)

Stranger said...

He's getting more and more boy-like every day!

The undressing itself is okay, but I've since thought of a solution to help prevent diaper removal-- I started putting on a onesie under his jammies. That way, he can take his jammies off all he wants, and the diaper tabs are harder to get at. He won't get as cold this way. Not that he can't still open the diaper through his clothes, but at least it'll take longer to remove completely...

Steph said...

Oh dear what is in store for us?! I was really scared by that poo story!:) How about those pull-up diapers (disposables) without any tabs at all?

Stranger said...

Ooh! The pull-ups are a good idea, Steph! I'll see if they have them in his size. If not, I'll bet the swim diapers would work, though I don't know if they're made for nighttime abuse.

My mom, by the way, is finding all of this hilarious. Apparently I, at around LE's age, used to reach into my diaper and use whatever was in there to create art-- all over me, the crib, the bedding, and the walls. What a beautiful surprise to walk into when she went to fetch me from my naps!

So I guess I should count myself lucky, considering.