Sunday, November 18, 2007

Small Things

As a follow-up to yesterday's 11/17 post, here are some small things that happened yesterday:

1) We played the lottery with the numbers I mentioned. We're still waiting to hear if we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

2) We went to the tea garden yesterday. Working at the tea garden was formerly 'On Crank Migros Cheese-Counter Guy Who Wants To Practice English' (Migros is a foreign-chain supermarket here) cum 'On Crank Onur Market Dried Snacks-Counter Guy With Very Limited English' cum 'On Crank Revan Restaurant Busboy Who's Beginning To Realize English Is a Chore And So Is Happy With Hello Yenge How Are You' (yenge means 'female relative by marriage', but can be used to address anyone's wife). Now he's 'On Crank Tea Garden Super Waiter Who's Given Up On English By His Own Admission.' Maybe he's not really on crank. Maybe yesterday he'd just overdone the tea and coffee. He was very happy to see us. Very, very happy.

3) On The Weakest Link, they said the name of the younger son of the Dean at the posh boarding school. It's a very uncommon name. In fact, yesterday was the second time in my life I've heard that word as a name.

4) Last night, I popped online to peek at my blog and see if anyone cared about me. No one did. However, after opening my blog, I looked at the computer clock and it was 10:17. Then I checked my visitor counter at the bottom of the page and it was 1,117.

*cue Twilight Zone music*


ms.bri said...

I care. I kept trying to think of a comment to capture just how awesome we thought it was that you were arriving at our school after being kicked out for a newspaper. And how intimidating you were. And how incredibly cool I felt when you started to be my friend and teach me about The Pill. November 17th was a lucky day for me since it made you appear in my life.

Stranger said...

I was just glad there was someone who would be my friend. I couldn't believe anyone thought I was cool. It's the nature of being a dork-- you never realize there's anything about you other people would like.

And my mom was right, when she said it was better to be a dork, because you make real friends who stay with you for life!